Jeanne’s first release is one of a foursome, jointly called Journeys of Faith. The books share the stories of four young women who attended college together, graduated together, and then follow their individual life pathways. Each has a plan for their life, but soon find that life doesn’t always follow the plan. They face trials, challenges, struggles and difficult decisions as they make their way through the maze called adulthood. As they face hard choices, often making mistakes along the way, they are drawn into a relationship with the Lord, which ultimately leads them along their journey of faith.


Through the Waters shares the poignant story of MADELINE MARIE GALLOWAY. She is a single, solidly Christian young woman who is excited about the future until she experiences the loss of her father and a violent attack resulting in a pregnancy. How could God let this happen to one of his faithful? How could she ever offer herself to her future husband now that she was no longer pure? And what about the baby? Abortion? Single parenthood? Adoption?

JIM AND SUZANNE are a couple looking forward to raising a family and having a loving Christian home. They experience multiple disappointments until tragedy forces them toward a choice they never expected to make. Unexpectedly, the result brings them great joy, but will their happiness last? Why do tragic things happen to good people?

Watch how God carries them through their trials and tears. See how “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:27-29

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The second in the Journeys of Faith is called Across the Wilderness.

Orphaned at a young age, Isobel dreams of marriage and a family of her own after graduation from college. Her plans come to a grinding halt when her potential in-laws reject her because of her ethnic appearance. She doesn’t fit into their class-conscious, blue-blooded, American society. Broken-hearted, she retreats to the home her last living relative, Aunt Betty. When her aunt dies, she discovers a family secret: that she isn’t who she thought she was! Isobel was raised to believe she was part Japanese and part Caucasian-American, but she finds proof that her ethnicity is totally different and that her birth mother might still be living. She determines to seek out her biological family and in the process finds a heritage far greater than she ever anticipated.

Read about Isobel’s Journey of Faith – ‘Across the Wilderness’ of loneliness and confusion to discovery of a place of joy and contentment. Release date still pending, but projected for December 2010.

The third of the Journeys of Faith is called Out of the Valley.
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The last of the Journeys of Faith is called Over the Mountain.
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